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Basic service: from  £27.50

Check and adjust gears

Degrease the drive-train (chain, chain rings, sprocket and derailleurs) lubricate the drive train.

Check and adjust brakes.

Check and adjust tyre pressure to manufacturer's specification.

Safety check. This can be likened to a bicycle MOT



Advanced service: from  £49.00

Basic service plus:

Replace brake and gear inner and outer cables. ( Cost of cables included)

Check and adjust headset.

Check and adjust wheel hubs.

Check torque of all fixings to manufacturer's specifications



Major Service: from £85.00

Advanced service plus:

Complete strip down, degreasing and lubrication of all components.

Wheels tensioned and trued on professional wheel truing stand.

Check and adjust bottom bracket.

Any upgrades and accessories that you want installed will not incur an extra labour charge.


Complete Bicycle build


New bicycle from box: build and set up to BS6102 Part 1 - £30.00


Custom build £80.00


Swap all the parts from one frame to another £90.00


Stand Alone Repairs:


Standard brake service: Brake adjustment, clean, lubricate and pad replacement if needed: £17.00

Brake cable change: replace inner and outer cables, includes standard brake service: £20.00 (Cables included in this price)

Hydraulic brake service and adjustment from £25.00



Clean, lubricate and adjust front and rear: £17.00

Repalace inner and outer cables adjust and lubricate: £20.00 ( Cables included in this price)

Replace and adjust front or rear derailleur: £25.00

Replace rear derailleur hanger: £15.00


Combined gear and brake service including replacement of inner and outer cables: £30.00

Cables included in this price



Chain and cassette/freewheel replacement: £15.00

Bottom bracket replacement: £25.00

Crankset replacement: £15.00

Chainring replacement: £15.00

Degrease and lubricate drive-train: £15.00


Tyres and Wheels:

Tyre or tube replacement: £10.00 (£17.00 pair)

Wheel truing on professional wheel truing stand: £15.00 (£28.00 pair)

Wheel build: £30.00 (£54.00 a pair)

Hub service front: £15.00

Hub service rear: £22.50


Headset and fork:

Headset service or replacement: £25.00

Fork fitting: £25.00










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These prices should be used as a guide only.

All prices exclude parts except where indicated.

All prices are inclusive of degreaser and lubricants used.I use only Finish Line and Shimano degreaser, lubricants and anti seize compounds.

Parts will be replaced with the same brand unless a different brand is requested by you or you can supply your own parts.

The prices are inclusive of collection and delivery.

Most accessories and upgrades can be done without incurring extra labour charges during one of the services.


Bicycle transport service: from £15.00

CycleRite can transport your bicycle safely and securely without the need to dismantle or pack the bicycle in a box. This service is only available in England. Please contact me for further details.

Mobile Bicycle Repair and Maintenance in Cambridge


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